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Does Fertility Treatment Still Need to Be a Medical Secret?

A free-to-attend public event in Edinburgh on the evening of Tuesday 26 November 2019. To reserve places, register here.

The event is produced by the Progress Educational Trust (PET), in partnership with the Scottish Government.

Speakers include Gwenda Burns and Dr Catriona McMillan. Find out more about the speakers here.

Information concerning a person's fertility treatment is subject to special legal considerations in the UK, over and above the sensitivity with which all medical information must be handled. This means that such information does not automatically form part of the medical records that can be accessed by various health professionals.

The only professionals who are entitled to access patient-specific fertility treatment information are staff at the relevant fertility clinic and staff at the fertility regulator (plus, in certain circumstances, the Registrar General or a court). Except in a medical emergency, this information cannot be disclosed to anyone else unless the relevant fertility patient has given specific consent for disclosure.

By way of comparison, other areas of medicine where special legal restrictions sometimes apply to the disclosure of patient information are sexually transmitted disease and gender reassignment.

40 years after IVF was first pioneered in the UK, since when it has been responsible for the birth of millions of babies, assisted reproduction could be regarded as mainstream. So, does fertility treatment still need to be a medical secret?

Doors will open, and food and refreshments will be served, at 6pm. The discussion proper will then take place from 6.30pm-8pm.

Venue details, including a map, can be found below.

In the PET tradition, much of this event's running time will be devoted to letting the audience put questions and comments to the speakers.


26/11/2019 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Riddle's Court
322 Lawnmarket
Edinburgh EH1 2PG 







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